The Straight Jackets – King bee


The Straight Jackets – King bee

 1.Chuck on air
2.Big Sandy
3.King bee
4.Ice cold baby
5.Lover not a fighter
6.I go ape
7.Sloppy drunk
8.Too much
9.Black magic
10.Mojo man
11.All I can do is cry
12.I beg of you
13.Cotton pickin‘
15.Let ‚er roll
16.Big Sandy (garage version)
17.All I can do is cry (garage version)


Mack – Vocals, guitar, bass
Brian – Vocals, guitar, bass
Zimbo – Drums

As a result to the very successful 10-ich vinyl LP, this is the CD containing the complete session plus two garage demos. It’s a session with three rockabilly guys playin‘ and payin‘ tribute to the blues the way it should be played. A desperate-blues CD the rock’n’roll world has been waiting for. Now it’s done. It’s got a dirty sound with raw edges, it’s rough and it’s very, very cool.

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