Various Artists -A tribute to Carl Perkins


Various Artists –
A tribute to Carl Perkins

1. The Pawnbrokers – Put your cat clothes on
2. Southern Bound – Matchbox
3. Southern Bound – Blue suede shoes
4. Steve Hooker Rumble – Boppin‘ the blues
5. Darrel Higham – Her love rubbed off
6. The Slingshots – You can do no wrong
7. The Slingshots – Say when
8. Twenty Flight Rock – Sweethearts or strangers
9. The Bricats – Your true love
10. Bob Hardy and Andy Parker – Everybody’s trying to be my baby
11. The Duetones – You can do no wrong
12. The Go-Getters – That don’t move me
13. The Lumberjacks – Right string baby
14. Leroy Davis – Turn around
15. The Crawdads – Lend me your comb
16. Fredrik’s Rock’n’roll Trio – Your true love

„….Two tracks are clearly outstanding. Darrel Higham’s stirring ‚Her love rubbed off‘ has a powerful backing, gutsy vocals and typically dramatic guitar work. Next best is a wild, pulsating ‚That don’t move me‘ by The Go-Getters, which includes two sizzling lead breaks. This CD, which includes six previously unreleased sides, is a pretty enjoyable compilation.“

Harry Dodds – NDT