Leroy Davis – Play it cool


Leroy Davis – Play it cool

1.One mo‘ Whiskey
3.Baby don’t likes
4.Mean red spider
5.I’ll never let you go
7.The losin‘ side
8.Long walk back
9.I’m through
10.Power of goodbye
11.Voodoo Love
12.Crazy Jam
14.Blue days, black nights
15.Turn around
16.Rock around with Ollie Vee

High-flyin‘ guitar tones, unchained signature guitar licks, uncommon recording equipment – it’s Leroy Davis, respected for his album ‚Can’t be satisfied‘, as well as his cool work for Rick Hollow and the Di Maggio Brothers. Going one step further he captures again a unique vintage sound perfectly. This time a little more Rockabilly influenced than his bluesy debut album. Again cool stuff, from hard blues boppin‘ swingin‘ Rockabilly covers to impressing originals jump of the rails.

Leroy Davis vocals, guitar, drums
Rick Hollow drums
Doc Kennel stand-up bass

Produced by Rick Hollow

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