Griz and Fizz – Fizz you up


Griz and Fizz – Fizz you up

1.Bye baby
2.New girlfriend
3.One sided love affair
4.Ready for the night
6.Little brown eyes
8.Alocoholic cat
9.How long
10.All she wants to do is rock
11.I got you
12.Joe Castagnola
13.Honey baby
14.My pigeon’s gone
15.Griz and Fizz are coming


  • Luca Grizzo – cocktail drum, lead vocal
  • Alex Marozzi – double bass on the rocks, backing vocals
  • Andrea Casti – guitar shake, backing vocals

Take a little bit of Swinging jazz, two ice cubes of Jive (possibly Jumpin‘), an energetic squeeze of rock’n’roll, a pinch of blues, and the abandonment to have fun. This is Griz and Fizz, a mixture of authentic fun with the ability to lift your spirits and positively charge your moods. Fizz is the bloodline that feeds its sounds, Fizz is their look. Fizz is their style of life. Fizz is their bubbly approach, an authentic fun with life and music. Humble and provocative, this suggestive contrast is used to create their way of performing. So enjoy the potion and… FIZZ YOU UP!

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