Bob And The Bearcats -Rollin‘ to the jukebox rock


Bob And The Bearcats –
Rollin‘ to the jukebox rock

1.Rollin‘ to the Jukebox Rock
2.Shoppin‘ around
3.Red hot rockin‘ blues
4.Big fool
5.Shiverin ’n‘ shakin‘
7.All by myself
8.Screamin‘ Mimi Jimi
9.Lonesome train
10.Slowly but surely
11.When it rains it really poors
12.Hocus Pocus
13.No. 9 train
14.Walkin‘ the Bearcat
15.Snaggle tooth Ann
16.Put the blame on me

Vocals: Bob Butfoy
Drums: Les Curtis
Double Bass: Nick Hoadley
Guitars: Darrel Higham
Recorded at Zig Zag Studios, Hilton, Cambs, 1993-’96
Engineered by Gareth Stuart
Mixed and produced by Darrel Higham
Mastered at Time Tunnel Valve Mastering, Frankfurt (Germany)

The Bearcats were formed in the early 90’s and quickly established themselves as one of the finest U.K. Rockabilly acts during that period. The band played continously throughout the U.K. and Europe and saw three albums released on the Pollytone label: ‚Hold on tight‘, ‚On the rampage‘ and ‚High heels and homicide‘.
They also expertly backed a number of British and American artists: Vernon Taylor, Colin Winski, Wee Willie Harris, Screaming Lord Sutch and Graham Fenton to name but a few and gained rave reviews from a number of respected Rock’n’Roll magazines such as Now dig this, Southern and rockin‘, Clubs and Deathrow Database.
The material on this CD was recorded during a three year period and contains songs that were intended for release on a number of four-track vinyl EPs the band was planning to have out to sell at their gigs. Now that the band members have all gone their separate ways it is fitting that this collection of inventive, highly entertaining and powerful Rock’n’Roll/Rockabilly is gathered together as a tribute to one of the UK’s best modern-day exponents of the music.
However, the Bob & the Bearcats story is far from over. A re-union bash has been talked about, the odd one-off gig seems likely and maybe one day the guys will go back to the studio and create another Red hot rockin‘ masterpiece. F. Abbott, Dec.’99