Wild Bob Burgos – Ain’t nothin‘ but rockin‘


Wild Bob Burgos – Ain’t nothin‘ but rockin‘

1.Real wild child
2.(We’re gonna) rock like never before
3.The call of the wildest
4.Blue skies (keep shining down on me)
5.Together forever
7.I’m comin’ home
8.You are my sunshine
9.Why did you go (Why did you leave me)
10.I need a new flame
11.I’ve seen the light
12.I’m a rocker
13.My way of rockin‘
14.I am what I am

Mastered at Time Tunnel Valve Mastering, Frankfurt (Germany), email: timetun@aol.com

If Bob had been around in the ’50’s when we were all in the Sun recording studios in Memphis, I feel sure that Sam Philips would have loved Bob’s fine tunes and drumming as much as I do – Sonny Burgess.

This is true Rock’n’Roll by my good friend…great down and dirty Rock’n’Roll…I love it – Charlie Gracie.
He is definitely the best British Rock’n’Roll drummer – Lord Sutch
Wild Bob Burgos is as good as I’ve heard yet and anybody in Rock’n’Roll will agree – Buddy Knox.
Wild Bob is where it’s at. He and his music capture what it is all about. I appreciate Bob’s dedication to authentic Rock’n’Roll and his style – Johnny Carroll
Wild Bob is a great singer and also a terrific drummer. He is a great compliment to the 50’s music and is truly Rock’n’roll at its best – Glen Glenn
…his music is outstanding – Billy Lee Riley
Wild Bob Burgos is truly Rock’n’Roll – Janis Martin

Bobby's on the beat! All tracks written by Wild Bob Burgos, except 6 & 13 (Trad. Arr.), Arranged,
produced and performed by Wild Bob Burgos, Photography by O.B.Greens, Sleeve Notes by International Associates.
All tracks recorded in London, England. Compiled for Vampirella Music.

Wild Bob Burgos And His Houserockers:
Vocals/Drums – Wild Bob Burgos
Guitarists – Dave ‚Blind Boy‘ Briggs, Big Howie Coleman, Ian ‚Hounddog‘ Terry, Steve Barley
Bassists – Rob ‚Apeman‘ Murly, Greggi G, Jake Widgley
Piano – Rockin‘ H. Gadd, West Weston
Saxophone – Clive Osborne
Harmonica – Little Paul