Wild Men Bop Vol.6


Wild Men Bop Vol.6

1. Rayburn Anthony – Jackson was jumpin‘
2. Rick Hollow – Be true

3. Al Holden – Train train

4. Di Maggio Brothers – Clam up (previously unreleased)

5. Russ Be Bop & the Roadrunners – Some like it hot (previously unreleased)

6. Mark Kelf & the Valley boys – Hot rod honey (previously unreleased)

7. Hi Voltage – Wherever I go

8. Leroy Davis – Minor Theme (previously unreleased)

9. Simone Di Maggio – Milkshake Boogie (previously unreleased)

10. Mystery Gang – Baby baby blue

11. Ian Calford – So doggone lonesome (previously unreleased)

12. Railmen – Wild wild mind (remasterd version)

13. Darrel Higham & the Enforcers – Everybody’s movin‘

14. Marques Brothers – She likes her bottle gin

Di Maggio Brothers – Every breath you take (remastered radio version)

Rick Hollow – Diamonds are a girl’s best friend (remastered radio version)

It seems like only yesterday that Vampirella began its ‚Wild Men Bop‘ series, a string of various artist compilations that truly live up the the ’sampler‘ concept, with selections from existing CDs mixed with previously unissued tracks. This idea has proved immensely successful, and here we are with Volume 6, which carries on with the formula. Hey! If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it!
Surely after listening the excellent tracks from Rick Hollow, Darrel Higham and Marco Di Maggio, you’ll be tempted to seek out their own CDs in the excellent Vampirella catalogue, or even search out new acts like Mystery Gang and Hi-Voltage from other sources. All of these acts combine to give you a ’snapshot‘ of the current Rock’n’Roll scene, and this CD has some of the best of the contemporary acts in this genre which, unlike other some other music genres, does not forget its roots and absorbs only what is relevant to the style. On this CD you’ll find acts that are playing this music today, keeping the tradition and spark of Rock’n’Roll burning bright almost 50 years after
it first exploded upon an unsuspecting world. This is NOT a CD from ‚would be popstars‘ trying to cash in on an existing
trend. This is the real stuff! Roy Williams